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Types of Industry

Tint Works Plus protects your assets. Make sure your property maintains its beauty and longevity using our coating solutions.

Spray-lining&#8482 polyurea and hybrid coatings have the only true manufacturer backed lifetime warranty. Compare us to Rhino Linings, Line-X and other coating companies like Vortex and Reflex. You will see that we beat them all in thickness, quality and support. Our dealers also receive specialized support for all kinds of applications. So, you’re in good hands no matter what kind of job you have.

  • Work Truck Linings
  • Factory applications
  • Farming applications
  • Flooring – anti-slip
  • Pond repair solutions
  • Amusement park applications
  • Commercial roofing

Spray in Bed Liner

Do not be fooled by over the counter bed liner. Our lifetime warranty ensures that your bed liner won’t crack, fade, peel, or warp over time.

  • Dries fast
  • Heavy Duty for all types of cargo
  • Any color/texture
  • Crystal Clear


Slip proof material for your trailers.

  • No Rusting
  • Cleaning is fast and easy!
  • Bonds quick and strong!
  • Marine trailers also!
  • Up the value of your trailer fast and easy!

Equipment Applications

Bed Liners can be applied onto any shape or type of equipment regardless of age. Our lining material will increase the life of your equipment including:

  • Farming equipment
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Construction tools
  • Bulldozing equipment

Floor Solutions

Make sure you increase the life of your flooring in residential and commercial environments. Our non-slip formula ensures a safe environment at home and the workplace!

  • Years of protection!
  • Cleaning is quicker on a glossy surface!
  • Won’t stain or fade!
  • Temperature range -150F – 200F
  • Tough Coating that will stay tough!

Marine Applications

Tired of leaking and rusting? Barnacles hard to get off? Look no further! Tintworks Plus has you covered.

  • Decks
  • Hulls
  • Sound Dampening
  • Bottom Coat

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