Fix Your Damaged Bed Liner

Don’t Let Your Damaged Bed Liner Lead to Bigger Problems

Before you have major damage that requires serious body work, take care of it. Once a point of entry is created there is a constant attack against your bare metal. Get these cracks repaired ASAP!

This type of damage will cause permanent structural damage to your truck body

Avoid expensive repairs by being proactive. Get it fixed now.

Repairing your bed liner is simple and prevents a lot of problems down the road. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean there’s not a problem.

Tint Works Plus uses quality high-spec Polyurea & Poly-Hybrid materials for repair solutions.

These problems are addressed:

  • Gouges / scratches
  • Dents
  • Delamination
  • Long term Wear
  • Weak spots
We fix all brands of spray on bedliners:

  • Rhino Linings
  • Line-X
  • Scorpion Coatings
  • Speedliner
  • Ultimate Linings, Xtreme Liners, Arma Coating, ArmorThane, popular brands
  • Poorly applied, DIY and no name brands of bedliner are removed, fully recoated at over 100 mils, thickest on high stress parts

We see it all the time…. People have a few small cracks in their bedliner. But, upon further inspection you will find rust building throughout the surface. All nature wants is a point of entry to start wearing away your valuable autobody.

All of our trucks, jeeps & autos get the best bed liner warranty in the industry.

This means if you purchased your vehicle &/or bedliner from Milender Trucking ( you are covered under our lifetime manufacturer backed warranty.

Nobody Compares. Nobody Competes.

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